Friday, September 26, 2008

We Have LOA!!! Sep. 25 2008

Our LOA (letter of acceptance) arrived at our agency today and will arrive here tomorrow. We are now one step closer to traveling to bring Hope home. We can now apply for our visas and send in our travel plans. Gracie has been saving a spot for Hope everytime we go to the grocery store and she points and says Hopie will sit here next to me in the cart. We have been praying that Hope is healthy, especially after the contaminated baby formula in China was given to the children at some of the orphanages. We also pray that she will bond to us quickly. We have been praying for Sophie and it has been hard not getting updates these past 2 months. It is going to be an emotional visit to Sophie's orphanage and we pray God will give us wisdom on what steps we should take next. We will know so much more when we can talk to the orphanage director and just spend time with Sophie and determine where she is developmentally. Sophie is so much a part of our family and we pray someday we can also bring her home. We have grieved over losing Sophie, yet we have hope and know that the connection we have to her is for a reason. It has led us to Hope and we are so blessed.

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the Five Far From Home said...

Congratulations!! your "labor" is almost over!! yeah! We can't wait for "got'cha" day to get here and are avidly checking the blog every day for updates. We keep Sophie in our constant prayers as well as all of you. We are anxious......