Monday, September 10, 2007

Curran WinsThe Photo Contest

Curran saved his money and was able to purchase a pretty shwanky camera. You usually don't see Curran now without a camera around his neck. He has been taking a photography class and has been taking family pictures for people in our church. He really enjoys it. Curran entered a photo contest and won a 1st and a 3rd place. The first place was a picture through a wine glass called Glass View.The 3rd place was in the nature category and was a black and white picture of a dock at the lake where my sister lives. It was called Summers End. The pictures will go on to another base wide level for competition. We Hope he wins!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Curran Opening Gifts


Curran is now officially a teenager. I have heard all kinds of horror stories of what happens to nice children at this age. Hormones raging and all kinds of attitudes. I have to say by God's grace alone I am totally enjoying life with my older boys. There is always something totally funny happening between my two oldest boys and of course we all have to get involved in whatever it is. We have been doing a lot of laughing lately,the two of them are quite comical and they know it. Curran is planning to have a sleep over for his birthday also. It isn't the same kind of party as my younger boys. This party has beverages served like mountain dew and cappucinos with a lot of blog checking and you-tube videos. Then they stay up, eat a lot of junk food,watch movies and in the morning they actually sleep in. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful boys. WE LOVE YOU CURRAN!!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hadyn Opening Presents

Hadyn's Party


Our little boy is growing up. It's like I don't notice it until they reach double digits. Yesterday he was still little, but today, 10 WOW!! He opened presents at home and then he planned to have a bunch of friends for a bonfire and sleep over. They were outside at the fire for a long time cooking smores with big sticks of course. Then they played some flashlight tag down in the woods, but after several injuries we thought we should call them inside. They stayed up late and got up early,but that's what makes a great party. Happy Birthday Hadyn WE LOVE YOU!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lets go to the castle!!

It's a great sunny day and Mike is off work, so we have to do something, we just can't sit inside. The boys suggest the castle. It's a ruin only a 15 minute drive from our house and there are some great hiking trails too. Grab the backpack for Grace and we're off. We plan long trips like this too. The boys have to bring their own sticks, like they won't have any in the woods when we get there,but I'm informed that the sticks we are bringing are special sticks. They look like ordinary sticks to me. Grace is able to run,jump and climb now, so she is off chasing the boys. She really is becoming a little mother, she would tell them what to do if I'd let her. They all adore her and she is fully aware that most of the time she is the center of attention. She is such a joy and blessing to all of us.

Charging The Hill

This is what I see as I get out of the car. Curran is already over the hill. You would think these boys never get out to play.