Monday, November 13, 2006

We Found Our Daughter!!! NOV 13th 2006

Mike got home from work before 4pm our time in Germany. I have been crazy all day trying to keep busy till 5pm when the waiting children form is posted. We each had a lap top and sat down next to each other. At 5pm we were both glued to the computer screens NO FORM!!! refresh,refresh,refresh. All of a sudden the form popped up on my computer I was shaking trying to fill out the form as quickly as possible it kept coming back server busy on both computers finally at 5:20 our request went through for #412. We went in to have dinner and we thought it is in Gods hands, if this little baby is meant to be ours it will happen. I was truly thinking we would not be first to review her file. I brought the computer to the table and kept checking e-mails. About 20 minutes later we had a message from CHI which read Great News you are 1st in line to review #412. Thats when I lost it and the boys got out the video camera. We knew we had found our daughter!!! We left dinner on the table and headed out to Mikes work to receive the fax with all her medical and background information. Our neighbor is a heart specialist so he was at our house at 10pm reviewing her medical information. We called CHI at 12am our time and told them we had found our daughter Grace Noelle!!! Of course I couldn't sleep so I started calling everyone.