Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jenn and Grace walking

We took a hike on one of the trails close to our house. The boys love to get out and run and Grace is close behind. We do bring the backpack for when she gets tired which is rarely!! The summer is drawing to a close and I am looking forward to fall and all the leaves changing. I am not looking forward to all the school planning I have to do so I opt for a walk and put it off fo another day!!!

Hiking near our house

photos from germany


We had 6 very cute yorkie puppies. One of the little girls has a cleft palate and we don't think it will survive. The mama is still taking care of it, so that is a good sign. Our boys aren't too interested in these black lumps especially when they just lay there, but in a couple weeks they are really fun. When the girls come over they all flock to the puppies and will hold them forever. Gracie loves the puppies and she has been really gentle with them. She wants to touch and hold them every morning when she wakes up.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


It was like every other Sunday night at our house. Around 6pm folks start showing up for Sunday night Bible study and grub. After the study all the kids run out to burn off all that energy they have from sitting. Derek is a tree climber so up he goes to the top of the tallest pine tree. We hear from the back yard Derek fell out of the tree. No great panic, until we see the faces of the kids. It is bad!! With in minutes 5 doctors are on the scene, mostly from our church and the ambulances arrive, S.P.'s come running down the driveway and a huge crowd develops as a rescue helicopter hovers above. Derek is quickly taken to the trauma unit and after many exams and x-rays it is determined only a broken wrist. God was truly protecting Derek and as we went out to look up the 50+ foot tree every branch was broken. God had known as he grew that tree that those branches would save Derek's life. We are so grateful to our merciful Saviour for his sovereignty over our lives.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Family Pictures and Bocci ball at the pool

New Jersey AUG 2007

At The Beach AUG 2007

Gracie on the rides!!

Grace had a great time on the boardwalk. We put her on the carosel and she waved to everyone as she went around with a huge grin on her face. It was so cute!! She loved the rides and has no fear. The boys were happy to take her on all the rides and we all loved watching her reaction and theirs. It is such a wonderful thing to watch our older boys care for their sister and love her so much. It is so hard to believe she has only been home with us a few months. She loves the waves and the beach and she would lay on the boggie board wanting us to pull her through the water. She had a couple wipe outs, but she got right back on. She doesn't seem to be bothered by change. We were concerned that this trip across the ocean may throw her off,but she is doing great and seems to be enjoying every aspect of traveling. We are really thrilled because we love to travel!!

Opa's Birthday and Ocean City Board Walk

Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Jersey AUG 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

We visit New Jersey AUG 2007

We arrived in New Jersey Aug 10th. We were planning to travel the end of Aug. but with Mikes work schedule and puppy's, yes more puppies due the end of Aug we decided to pack up in 2 days and head for the States. Opa and Oma picked us up at the airport and we stayed at Mema's over night. It is always so great to visit family. We then spent the next day at my sister's and the boys played with their cousins Hannah,Kendall and Macquire. The last time we visited was in April, so we could see a big difference in Macquire, who will be turning 1 soon. The boys went on the huge blow up slide in the backyard. Then we headed for the lake and hung out there the rest of the day. The boys love the water and Gracie loved it too. Grace is still a little jet lagged, so we are hoping she will get on a schedule here quickly. We are spending the night at Opa and Oma's and planning to go to the beach a bunch. We are looking forward to a great week.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Thursday, August 02, 2007


July has flown by and it's August already. I spent much of July preparing for the new school year ordering books, curriculum and trying to figure out how to homeschool four boys with a new toddler. We are still schooling through the summer, although a much lighter schedule than in the fall. The boys have been reading a lot and Hadyn and Eamon are working on writing proficiently; it's been funny how their assignments always reflect our daily life. This week they wrote on a charcter whose cat somehow was tar and feathered. The names were Ms DVD for Eamon and Ms Fish Oil for Hadyn. On my schedule of things to do this week was transfer my DVD's to disks and to buy flavored fish oil for Grace. I guess they really are listening when I talk. Grace is repeating everything we say. The boys keep teaching her crazy things, which she loves. Curran has her saying "bally ole chap, wot wot" in a British accent. I like to get on the computer and check e-mails with a cup of tea I tell Grace," Go get your computer", which is a leap pad with pen connected to draw letters on. She always goes running to get it. She quickly comes over and climbs up on the big stool, sits up with me and we both drink tea and use our computers. What fun!!!! Grace plays well most of the time by herself, but has started holding on to my pants and pulling me to where she wants me to go. It's usually over to her large pile of books Goodnight Moon , The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and The Very Busy Spider are her favorites, so we sit down to read. In the afternoon Grace goes out with the boys to play, but I had to bring her in with me this week, as they have big ramps going into the woods and are taking all kinds of wheeled carts and skateboards down the big hill and off the ramps. I can't watch, so I go inside expecting to hear I need to call for an ambulance. So far it's been all fun with only minor injuries.

Family Pictures