Friday, March 31, 2006

March 2006

We are now the official Chinese baby-stalkers in Germany. It all started when we heard our neighbor was about to travel for their second Chinese adoption. We were fascinated... "Sweetie, come quick! They're coming out of the house and getting in the car with their little girl." We also told a woman at Chili's that we had seen her on the internet with her little (also adopted from China) daughter at Disneyland. She absolutley denied it was her and assured us that she had no pictures of her daughter on the web. It turns out, it was the lady across the table from here that was in the adoption process for the first time that had this family on their blog! How crazy is that?

God is so good. The lady with the child calmed down and actually was able to help us out a great deal when we had questions about filing paperwork from overseas!