Sunday, October 15, 2006

Visiting Rome Oct

We flew to Rome and when we arrived all the trains and buses were on strike. There was a huge line of people waiting for cabs. Mike got out in the middle of the street and worked a deal with 2 cabbys to take us and all our luggage to our apartment. Since the trolleys were also not running the cabby decided it would be alot quicker to take the trolley route with his cab. It was fast and also really crazy. We did make it to the apartment. We stayed right by the Vatican and only a few blocks from the subway which we were told would be running the next day. Most restaurants in Italy open around 7pm for dinner. We were always hungry around 5pm so we were told of a great Chinese restaurant down the street from our apartment. We walked down the block and they were closed so Mike knocked on the door. The owner, a sweet little lady, opened the restaurant for us to eat. So we ended up eating there 4 of the 6 nights we were in Rome.. We ended up talking to her and telling her we were adopting from China. Then she started giving the boys gifts and she gave me a small gold tea pot ornament. They were very sweet. There was so much to see in Rome and it's amazing how old everything is. We rode the subway everywhere and took the boys to an opera. We could of stayed another week.