Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Feb 2006

We left for the States on Feb 10th and wen't to New Jersey, Alabama and Texas to visit just about everyone we're related to. Our first stop, of course, was to get a BIG COKE with lots of ICE from the Johnny Joes. That's right, there is no ice in Europe.

Jet lag isn't so bad; it's kind of fun waking up as a family at 4:30 in the morning at Landy's house. Of course Nathanael woke up all by himself, my boys had nothing to do with it.

70 mph is really slow on these nice, huge, straight roads!

Back to Germany on the 26th! Cold soaking happens when the heater has been broken for more than a couple weeks. You guessed it, 43 degrees inside! Another reason you should always live near a brother or someone you really like hanging out with. Manfred, our German landlord, fixed the heater and the house warmed up after three long days of homeschooling in one bedroom with the door shut and the space heater on full blast!