Thursday, December 02, 2010

We have a new son and a new blog!

Please visit us at www.gettingliam.blogspot.com

God has led us to another little blessing from China. We've been matched and are raising funds to bring him home. Please check out our new blog and pass along to your friends.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Enjoying The Great Weather Dec. 30,2008

It's 60 degrees in December, so we all spent the entire day outside. I just read an article on how much vitamin D our bodies lose in the winter months and how important is is to get sun even if it's only for 20-30 minutes each day so here we are trying to cram all the vitamin D in that we can. We even got a lot of yard work done. Curran riding down our long drivewayTime to put the chickens up, which is easier said then done
Hope helped

Curran and Rylan doing yard work

Rylan and Grace

Rylan finally caught the chicken


The princess getting pushed and protected

Grace and Hadyn

Eamon and Grace racing

Hope in the backpack

These cars are great fun

Grace loves the new kiddy cars

Hadyn riding Grace's pink and purple bike

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas morning 2008

It's hard to believe we have been back in the States for 5 months and are having our first Christmas here in St Louis and have added another child to our family. The Lord has richly blessed us and we are praising our Saviour today as we think of Christ coming as a baby,lowering himself to take on human form and then dying and suffering for his people. I think about my selfishness, the things I daily take for granted and the too often discontentment I feel when things don't always go my way. Christmas is truly my most favorite time of year, but I have to think about ? Why is Christmas so special? Is it all the sentimentalism that is so prevalent everywhere? Is it the festivities or all the gifts I give and receive? The list could go on and on. Christmas has slowly over the years been a time of reflection on what Christ has done what he is doing and how he is growing his kingdom for his glory. God's glory is the most important part of Christmas.To celebrate all he did, has done and is still doing among his people. We are praising God today and saying Isaiah 11:9 They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. Christmas morningGrace got a new scarf and hat
Rylan opening his new mini computer

This was top on Eamon's list

Curran gets a really fancy computer pen

Hadyn's gift to Grace, two hairy pink trolls


Hadyn and his batmobile

Hope is having fun with all the wrapping paper and bows

Rylan got socks ,shirts and ties, not as exciting as when he was younger and got so many fun toys. He did get a lot of books which made him very happy.

Grace got a vacuum and she loves it

I'm trying to get the day on film

Hadyn and Eamon riding the girls kiddy carts

Hope having fun

Grace got a talking parrot

Glow in the dark swords

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

We got ready for Christmas Eve service and were going to stop by friends from church before to eat and fellowship. It is so nice that they invite members of the church that don't have extended family living here in St Louis. We have always gone to church Christmas Eve and the service was beautiful. Grace really wanted to hold her own candle at the end and sing silent night, but we didn't want the whole church to go up in flames, so she just sang while she watched Mike hold the candle. We came back to the house and the kids got to open one present. It is so funny, we do this every year and it is always pajamas. They are always so excited to be able to open a gift and we are amazed how surprised they look as they open them. Do they really forget they do this every year? Grace and Hope got coordinating polka dot jammies. Grace loved hers for about the first 5 minutes, then she couldn't stand the feet. She begged me to please take them off. So about 11 o'clock at night I am in the living room cutting and sewing the feet out of her pajamas. She was thrilled with no more feet and wore them all day on Christmas. The things moms do to keep their kids happy!

Hope and Grace in front of the tree

Hope loves to watch Grace do everything, which kinda scares me.

Hope's First Christmas

All of Us

Hope trying to smile

Grace telling Hope to smile

Surprise!! It's pajamas again!!

Grace doing the happy dance

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our First Snow and Bread Making

We got our first snow today, actually it was only about an inch, but the boys couldn't wait. They had to get outside. They tried to shovel up enough snow to make a fort, but there just wasn't enough snow. Hadyn decided to build himself a nice looking snowman. They were both having such a great time and played in the snow for hours. We were busy inside making our Swedish bread that has been a Christmas tradition from generations past. I remember making this bread with my mother every Christmas and then delivering it to neighbors and friends. So if you live near us you will be getting a loaf of our families traditional Swedish bread. It is so yummy and we look forward to eating it every Christmas morning. Most of the Christmas traditions on my side of the family revolve around food and we hope to pass these traditions down another generation.

Hadyn makes his first snowman of the year

Eamon trying to shovel up enough snow to make a snow fort

More shoveling

What a great looking snowman

Daddy and Grace making breadGrace loves making breadHope wants to helpWrapping the bread

We're Done

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pictures Of Our Gang In The Backyard

Mike bought me 6 matching frames so we could have new pictures of everyone. So we all headed out the back door to take pictures. Hope still doesn't have the smile on demand thing down yet. It was about 30 degrees and I ran her out last and plopped her in the leaves she was probably in shock. She isn't standing yet so we have her leaning against the log and you can see me in the corner of the picture getting ready to grab her before she falls over. I think she was just ready to come inside and get warm. Grace however would be happy to play
outside in sub zero temperatures in her bare feet.


HopeHope about to fall overRylanCurranHadyn