Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Enjoying The Great Weather Dec. 30,2008

It's 60 degrees in December, so we all spent the entire day outside. I just read an article on how much vitamin D our bodies lose in the winter months and how important is is to get sun even if it's only for 20-30 minutes each day so here we are trying to cram all the vitamin D in that we can. We even got a lot of yard work done. Curran riding down our long drivewayTime to put the chickens up, which is easier said then done
Hope helped

Curran and Rylan doing yard work

Rylan and Grace

Rylan finally caught the chicken


The princess getting pushed and protected

Grace and Hadyn

Eamon and Grace racing

Hope in the backpack

These cars are great fun

Grace loves the new kiddy cars

Hadyn riding Grace's pink and purple bike


Aus said...

Well for whatever reason (my side I'm sure - the 'puter's been 'flakey') - I got my first update on your blog since 12/1 - today! So yeah - I'm still checking! Looks like ya'll had a great holiday - some White in time for Christmas - and some warm to clean up by New Years - it don't get much better than that! Only be best for you guys -

aus and co.

Aus said...

Well - I just had a wonderful morning coffee and chance to 'catch up with you guys' for the month of December - wow what a great Holiday season ya'll had! Thanks for sharing your family with us - oh - and cutting feet out of PJ's and sewing away - it's like Dad's dealing with 'some assembly required' until 3 or 4 in the morning (depends on how many kids and how much is 'some'!) - it's what we parents do - but Blessings on you for doing it!

Hopefully my machine here is now well patched - looking forward to a great 2009 - only the best for you guys!

aus and co

Natalie said...

Hadyn looks like he's having a blast on the bike. Great pictures. Hope is adorable.


Dave Hatton said...

The girls are so CUTE! Where can we get one? I meant to tell you I've been taking trips to Chicago (once through St Louis)...yep, I'm an American Advantage member now :-)

All 8 of Us said...

Hey Friends,
I'm finally making my way to your blog!! You have 3 tickers...are you adopting another little princess?? I can't believe how grown up your boys are looking...and your sweet daughters are just precious!!
Good to 'see' you in blog land!!