Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our First Snow and Bread Making

We got our first snow today, actually it was only about an inch, but the boys couldn't wait. They had to get outside. They tried to shovel up enough snow to make a fort, but there just wasn't enough snow. Hadyn decided to build himself a nice looking snowman. They were both having such a great time and played in the snow for hours. We were busy inside making our Swedish bread that has been a Christmas tradition from generations past. I remember making this bread with my mother every Christmas and then delivering it to neighbors and friends. So if you live near us you will be getting a loaf of our families traditional Swedish bread. It is so yummy and we look forward to eating it every Christmas morning. Most of the Christmas traditions on my side of the family revolve around food and we hope to pass these traditions down another generation.

Hadyn makes his first snowman of the year

Eamon trying to shovel up enough snow to make a snow fort

More shoveling

What a great looking snowman

Daddy and Grace making breadGrace loves making breadHope wants to helpWrapping the bread

We're Done


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the Five Far From Home said...

so, nice comments about nike shoes. I sincerely missed the bread this year. New Years Eve was also kind of sad. It was our first McQuadless New Years since we've been here.

Sterner Family said...

the bread...I forgot to put my order in this year. Love looking at your blog. Have your # and Cole wants to call. We think about it in the morning and then when we have time you all are in the bed.

Tim says to please keep the Mack Pack. You need 2 for a while. We have another one for Nora. If you don't need it, find someone who will put it to use.

Hope looks confused by all this Christmas excitement. We wish we could see her and wish you could meet Nora as well.

Debbie said...

Thankfully, we were grateful (first-time)recipients of the famous McQuade bread! Noah was over the day you were making it and came home and told us that your family only eats the bread all day long on Christmas! It is good bread...