Thursday, December 04, 2008

Trimming the Tree Dec. 4,2008

It's usually our Christmas tradition to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving,but this year we were in New Jersey, so we were a little later getting all the Christmas decorations up. The boys would put the ornaments on the tree and Grace would see ones she liked and take them off. Her favorite ones were little story books and she actually wanted to sleep with one that night. Poor Hope she was so tired she missed the trimming of the tree, but she will see it tomorrow. This is our favorite time of year and the St Louis area has all kinds of Christmas things going on. We have to pace ourselves, so we can stay home some nights and just relax and bake cookies and have hot chocolate.
Hope is doing great sleeping through the night and the other day I had to wake her up at 9:30. I think all the extra activities and over stimulation from everyone in our family is wearing her out. She is happy and seems to be adjusting so well. She still is not into eating solid food, but she can down a bottle full of cereal,eggs,ground veggies and milk in seconds. It really looks pretty sick,but Hope loves it. She is starting to warm up to Mike and actually loves him and the boys now, unless she sees me then she starts reaching for me and screaming, but I really think she is getting better. Grace is very protective when Hope is crying and wants to help her stop. She has been a great help getting me diapers and wipes and is also happy that Hope goes to bed before she does. The sleep thing is causing an issue as Grace is still a very restless sleeper and sometimes wakes in the night crying, which wakes up Hope,so yes, I can't believe I am typing this, but we have let Grace sleep in our bed. I'm not sure how long this will last, but for now it is working.

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