Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Lights And The Camel

We went to see the light display over in Illinois and took our friends with us. We filled up the 15 passenger van and two of the boys had to double strap. It was great fun with 12 kiddos in the car and the lights were fabulous. It was freezing cold but we all got out at the petting zoo and the camel was the highlight of the night. Grace loved feeding him carrots out of her cup and he seemed really hungry. Grace couldn't stop laughing and kept asking the boys for more carrots. We had a great time and we are definitely putting this on our things to do again next year.
Our two families with lots of kiddos

Mommy and Hope

This is so much fun. Hadyn was there to keep Grace supplied with carrots

Pam and James

Grace cracking up at feeding the camel

Curran ,Hope and Rylan and Eamon taking care of Hope. Someone is always making sure she is OK.

The lazer light Christmas show

Eamon and Nick

Hope about to be over stimulated

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