Sunday, August 14, 2005

Our Adoption Journey Begins - August 2005

God had placed it in my heart to consider the journey of adoption. I began to pray that God would confirm the feelings I had in my heart for these children in so many countries in need of a home. I prayed God would put someone in my path to direct us in our journey. Mike and I had discussed adoption in the past, but it seemed to never be the right time. I prayed God would work to give us both the peace and desire to pursue the adoption process. God is gracious and his patience with me is overwhelming. The next day as I sat on a bench outside of church, a woman sat next to me and shared her adoption story. She later told me she never tells anyone that her children are adopted. I was overcome with emotion as I shared my prayer and conversation at church with Mike. God had been working in his heart and he had been preparing us to begin this journey of love, but still so many questions. Which country? The need is so great. We began to pursue Poland because the lady I had talked with had adopted all 3 of her children from Poland. Doors began to close and the goverment was not willing to allow us to adopt with 4 bio children in our home. We did more research and were moved by all the precious baby girls that are abandoned in China every year. We had begun our homestudy and they suggested a Christian agency, CHI, out of St Louis MO. God's grace is truly amazing!!!!!