Friday, February 22, 2008



We Found Our New Daughter!! Feb. 22, 2008

Friday was jut like every other day in the life of a homeschool mom. We have a friend of my sons come over every Friday to work on school and then we all go to the pool to meet some other families, when everyones work is completed. It is a big motivator to get all the weeks work done or no swimming. Before lunch I checked e-mail and saw a post sayng Heritage Adoption Agency had a new shared list of waiting children. I went to the site and wow lots of young babies with minimal special needs. There was one little girl, 8 months old and only 3 lbs at birth with a cleft lip and palate. I sent Heritage an e-mail and filled out the application. I called Mike at work and told him about the baby and he faxed in all the information to Heritage. We aren't thinking we are sending info. in for our new daughter. Then I'm off to the pool to hang out with my friends. Mike and the boys had a men's conference with church at 6:30 ,so Mike flew in the house from work, grabbed our two oldest boys and headed for the mens retreat. I had run to the store to grab food for dinner and went by the dairy for fresh milk, then back home. I had checked e-mail a couple times, but no news on the baby. Then about 7pm I received an e-mail with pictures of 3 babies, one being our little 8 month old cutie. I couldn't believe it, was this our daughter?? I called Mike and said," I think we found our daughter, can you come home?" What do you think he said??? He made the announcement that I was in labor and headed for home. It was love at first sight. We researched her special need and reviewed it with a doctor. There were some unknowns and her blood work looked like she had anemia. We prayed and asked for wisdom, but we both knew this was already our daughter. We e-mailed the agency and we sent in our letter of intent. We received P.A. the next day. Now it's hurry and finish the paperwork.
We are praising God for His abundant blessings!!! Please pray with us that we will be able to bring Sophie Joy home quickly.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Our trip to Garmish Feb 2008

The winter here in Germany has been very mild and NO snow. You can't go through a winter and not see snow ,so we packed up and headed for Garmish for a few days. It is so beautiful there and very relaxing. I am always tempted to take some school books with us,but this time it didn't even cross my mind. We were out in the snow everyday and then back to the hotel to relax in the giant hottub. You could swim laps in this thing. The boys even got crazy and got out of the hot tub to roll in the snow. We wore Gracie out . The second night she fell asleep in the middle of eating her burger, she still had it in her hand and just put her head on the table and was out. Nobody wanted to leave on the last day, it is always so great to get away.

Sledding in Garmish