Saturday, February 02, 2008

Our trip to Garmish Feb 2008

The winter here in Germany has been very mild and NO snow. You can't go through a winter and not see snow ,so we packed up and headed for Garmish for a few days. It is so beautiful there and very relaxing. I am always tempted to take some school books with us,but this time it didn't even cross my mind. We were out in the snow everyday and then back to the hotel to relax in the giant hottub. You could swim laps in this thing. The boys even got crazy and got out of the hot tub to roll in the snow. We wore Gracie out . The second night she fell asleep in the middle of eating her burger, she still had it in her hand and just put her head on the table and was out. Nobody wanted to leave on the last day, it is always so great to get away.

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