Thursday, August 02, 2007


July has flown by and it's August already. I spent much of July preparing for the new school year ordering books, curriculum and trying to figure out how to homeschool four boys with a new toddler. We are still schooling through the summer, although a much lighter schedule than in the fall. The boys have been reading a lot and Hadyn and Eamon are working on writing proficiently; it's been funny how their assignments always reflect our daily life. This week they wrote on a charcter whose cat somehow was tar and feathered. The names were Ms DVD for Eamon and Ms Fish Oil for Hadyn. On my schedule of things to do this week was transfer my DVD's to disks and to buy flavored fish oil for Grace. I guess they really are listening when I talk. Grace is repeating everything we say. The boys keep teaching her crazy things, which she loves. Curran has her saying "bally ole chap, wot wot" in a British accent. I like to get on the computer and check e-mails with a cup of tea I tell Grace," Go get your computer", which is a leap pad with pen connected to draw letters on. She always goes running to get it. She quickly comes over and climbs up on the big stool, sits up with me and we both drink tea and use our computers. What fun!!!! Grace plays well most of the time by herself, but has started holding on to my pants and pulling me to where she wants me to go. It's usually over to her large pile of books Goodnight Moon , The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and The Very Busy Spider are her favorites, so we sit down to read. In the afternoon Grace goes out with the boys to play, but I had to bring her in with me this week, as they have big ramps going into the woods and are taking all kinds of wheeled carts and skateboards down the big hill and off the ramps. I can't watch, so I go inside expecting to hear I need to call for an ambulance. So far it's been all fun with only minor injuries.

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