Sunday, August 26, 2007


It was like every other Sunday night at our house. Around 6pm folks start showing up for Sunday night Bible study and grub. After the study all the kids run out to burn off all that energy they have from sitting. Derek is a tree climber so up he goes to the top of the tallest pine tree. We hear from the back yard Derek fell out of the tree. No great panic, until we see the faces of the kids. It is bad!! With in minutes 5 doctors are on the scene, mostly from our church and the ambulances arrive, S.P.'s come running down the driveway and a huge crowd develops as a rescue helicopter hovers above. Derek is quickly taken to the trauma unit and after many exams and x-rays it is determined only a broken wrist. God was truly protecting Derek and as we went out to look up the 50+ foot tree every branch was broken. God had known as he grew that tree that those branches would save Derek's life. We are so grateful to our merciful Saviour for his sovereignty over our lives.

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