Thursday, September 04, 2008

We Have 9 New Additions!!!

On Saturday we went way out to the country and bought 8 laying hens. They are part Rhode Island Red and part Deleware hen. We also bought a cocky roaster named Jack. We have had them 5 days now and still no eggs. They are still fairly young and are just beginning to lay at this age or it may be we traumatized them with the ride home. We stuffed 4 of them in one box and 4 others and Jack in the other and hit every back country road with many pot holes on the way home. Dixie has also been running circles around the coop desperately trying to get in. We are thinking about putting just Jack and Dixie in the hen house together and I know who will win. That may teach Dixie to leave the poor chickens alone. They are very sweet and when we come up to feed them they come running over especially when we bring them table scraps.

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