Thursday, September 04, 2008

Poor Scooter

Dixie,Scooter and Frisco the cat all arrived safely from Germany on Thursday. They had spent the last 2 months in Germany while we found a house and got settled. I was supposed to pick them up here in St Louis on Thursday night. I then got a call Thursday morning from Germany stating the pets would be flying into Dallas, because the heat index was too high for a connecting flight. They wanted to make sure I would be there to pick them up. Mike was still in training in Dallas and scheduled to drive home Thursday around noon. He stayed to get the dogs and after their 11 hour flight, he loaded 3 smelly animals into his little car and drove 10 hours to St Louis. He arrived safely here at 3am and there was much rejoicing!! Mike was home all weekend, but had to go on an airline trip on Monday afternoon. We had dinner around 6 and by 8pm we could not find Scooter. We called him, drove around the neighborhood and the boys went out with flash lights. By 1am I left the garage door open hoping he would find his way home. We have fox and coyotes here, so it was very probable he was eaten. The next morning I got the boys up early and no Scooter. Rylan and Curran were at school so I sent Hadyn and Eamon out to knock on doors and we put a lost dog sign up. The boys reported back that Scooter had been spotted several times yesterday. This was a great way to meet all the neighbors. The boys came back with bags of fresh apples and peaches and I had several neighbors visit. Scooter apparently followed Mike out of the driveway on his way to work, as someone saw him at the top of our mile long driveway at 4:30. Then around lunchtime I received a call from a woman who said she has a Yorkie and at 3am she heard him barking. When she quieted her dog down she still heard barking and saw a little fuzzy face wanting to come in, it was Scooter!! She had been up since 3am and had taken Scooter to 3 vets to see if anyone knew who he belonged to. The German chip does not apparently read here in the US. She said she was afraid to take him to the pound as they would probably euthanize him. She saw my lost dog sign as she drove back into the neighborhood and delivered him back home. We are all so thankful to have our puppy back. This was our first day of homeschooling for the year, so we got started a little late, but the boys got PE in early and they both received an A for socialization skills.


the Five Far From Home said...

CHANGE THIS BLOG TITLE POST!! After talking to you the other night and hearing Scooter was missing (and not hearing how it was resolved) and then clicking on your blog this morning to read the title of this post I feared the WOSRT!!! Maybe change it to "Scooter's TAIL" or "how a lost dog found his way home".... okay, my heart has stopped racing now.... and share those peaches, woudld ya?

Amy said...

I'm glad Scooter is okay. That must've been awful just getting him home and then not being able to find him!! I can't wait to hear when you get your TA!!

Amy in Arizona

Jeff Meyers said...

Wow. What a story. I'll be the trip to the USA was worse than the night out for Scooter. Glad he's back home. I can't wait to meet him!