Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hiking in Missouri

We flew from Dallas to St Louis to get our washer and dryer and fridge delivered to the new rental house this week. They were to deliver it on Friday, but when they got to the house in their big truck they couldn't fit it down our mile long and very windy driveway. They said we would have to reschedule for the next weekend,which means another flight from Dallas to St Louis. This will be the 3rd week in a row we have flown back here. Grace thinks this is the only way to travel. We did some hiking while we were here and the area is really beautiful. This hike is just a few miles down the road from our house. Grace is usually leading the hike

Stopping for a break

Take time to smell the flowers

Eamon finds a frog

Grace likes riding on Daddy's back

Grace finds a dragon fly and thinks it's pretty fun

Curran down by the river

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the Five Far From Home said...

We are very glad to see that there ARE sticks in Missouri to your boys' liking. Your Germany sticks are still safe and sound here, waiting, should you ever need them again.