Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oma Comes Out To Visit Aug 22

Mike had to go back to Dallas for two weeks to finish up training, so I stayed here with the boys so we could get ready for school. My Mom said she would fly out and hang out with us for the second week. I am so glad she was able to visit us and we could spend some time together. After being in Germany for 4 years it was great for her to be able to take a short plane ride and we would be there to pick her up in a few hours. We decided to drop the olders boys off at school and head to the St Louis Zoo. It is a wonderful zoo and it is free .

Oma and Gracie

Eamon,Hadyn, Gracie looking tired and Oma

Gracie checking out the gila monster. I told her this
was the only real monster.
Hadyn,Eamon and Grace riding the giant beetle

Time to go home.

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