Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We just got a message from our adoption agency and they are saying we will be in China by the second week in November at the latest. That means I am pulling out the suitcases tonight. I have just gone into the I have sooooo much to do mode and I haven't even started nesting yet. We thought maybe we would be in China by the end of November and we were praying we would travel to get Hope before her birthday Nov.28th. We just received a short update today from her orphanage. It said when Hope gets angry they give her a toy or take her outside and she is happy again. I hope it will be that easy. She is only on formula with rice cereal and they haven't added anything else to her diet. She doesn't have teeth yet and from the measurements they gave us she may possibly be the tallest Chinese baby ever. She does look big in the pictures. I don't have any hand me downs from Grace, because she was 16 months when we adopted her and it was April. It will be fun shopping, so I hope these measurements are close. This is going to be an amazing trip and we are so thankful we are all going. We were just trying to book rooms at the Victory Hotel in Guangzhou and the boys are planning to sleep on the floor and are really excited about the trip. I am hoping to pack light!!!!


the Five Far From Home said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!! I am beside myself with excitement for you!!!!

Aus said...

Well then - enjoy Thanksgiving day in GZ! We spent ours there last year!

Happy for ya'll -

aus and family

Bekah said...

Wonderful news!