Tuesday, September 30, 2008

School Days

I had taken these pictures a few weeks back on our first day of school. Of course it went just like I always imagine. Boys awake early and enthusiastically complete their chores as they hurry to the table for breakfast. I am cheerfully preparing a fresh cooked healthy breakfast. I have been up for hours reading scripture and praying, preparing for the day. The boys are cheerful and smiling at 7am ready for a day of diligence with great attitudes. As I teach the boys Bible they are so attentive and hang on every word. Then my alarm goes off I am tired and my real day begins.but hey it is always great to dream!!!!

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the Five Far From Home said...

I have to tell you that behind Haydn's head I can see your chalk board that still says, "Mrs. Murphy is so rockin' cool", and it makes my heart swell.