Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day Of School!! Aug 20th

Wow, We got awake at 6:45 today and the boys had no problem geting up, I am praying the entire school year runs this smoothly. The boys ate a big breakfast and of course Curran had to check his e-mail and blog for important messages and updates.

It is a madatory school day,but they all are meeting at Babler State Park to do some student building and to meet all the teachers. . The parents are invited to come for dinner.

These are pictures outsude our house from the actual first day of classes. I told Curran he should probably wear shoes.
Rylan and Curran were both really excited to be starting school today and they both had a great time at the park day last week. I am so thankful this has all worked out and they will be able to be taught by other Godly men and will have more opportunities to develop leadership skills. I loved teaching them at home and I am going to really miss not having them here everday. They were also I huge help, but this will give Hadyn and Eamon the chance to be given more responsibility. They have gotton of pretty easy most of the time. Well this begins a new chapter in our lives and we are all excited to see where God is taking us next.

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the Five Far From Home said...

very handsome pictures, I espeically like the no shoe policy your new school seems to have, it won't be that much different than your "old" school, Now, let me ask you - can you bring sticks?