Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Pictures of Hope

A family from the Yangxi yahoo group was so kind and took these pictures a few days ago when they toured the orphanage. They are in China now bringing their newest daughter home. We are praying for them, as when they received their baby she was very tiny, malnourished and dehydrated and they are having a hard time with feedings and getting her to drink enough fluids. She is a cleft baby and we pray she will thrive now that she is with her Family. We have also been praying for another family who is now in China and their daughter has been very sick and hospitalized. They have just received a miracle and their daughter was released from the hospital today. You can follow their blog at http://www.roomforatleastonemore.blogspot.com/
We are so grateful for this update and praise God that Hope looks healthy in the pictures. We were told that all of the babies sleep on just the hard boards in their cribs and many have open sores. We could see a sore on the side of Hope's head from the 6 month picture, but it looks like it has healed well now. We think she is so cute and I am loving those cheeks!!! We are praying we will receive our letter of acceptance this week and be able to travel soon. Waiting is always hard.

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Bekah said...

Oh, she does look like she is healthy! And she is so cute. Praise God indeed. We will be praying for all of these things, especially about the letter of acceptance so you can bring Hope home soon.