Monday, September 01, 2008

How We Spent Our Summer Camping In Texas

We would get up in the morning, fix breakfast and read. When it got too hot we would grab our rafts and sit out on the lake.

Gracie loves Watermelon

This is so Yummy

Our Home Away From Home. Rylan and Curran actually slept in a tent behind the camper. We grilled out a bunch and Texas actually had some cooler weather, so we didn't have to pile into the camper all day.

Grace swimming in Lake Grapevine. She could swim all over the lake in this ring.

Grace swimming to Rylan

Gracie and I in the camper. Mike is getting ready for work and Grace really wants to go with him.

Curran loved zooming around the campground in the golf cart.

Curran and Hadyn on the lake

Rylan throwing Gracie. She loved this.

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the Five Far From Home said...

Love all the pictures - the one of Rylan throwing Gracie in the lake is my favorite. Very cool picture and I love the expression of SHEER JOY on her face. Sure do miss her, and all of you! A little thankful I wasn't walking around in that campground, though, when Curran was on the loose at the wheel!! YIKES!!!