Sunday, November 09, 2008

We Are In China!!!

We arrived in China last night. We had no problems with flights until we got to Tokyo. China Southern would not let us fly on the flight because we didn't schedule our meals ahead of time. We had to go back out of security to clear customs and get all 11 suitcases. We dragged all the suitcases onto a bus that took us to another terminal. We did some major running to try to get on the last flight out. The Northwest flight was canceled so everyone was scrambling to get to Guangzhou. We were all standing by the ticket counter praying "God please get us on this flight," and then the woman got off the phone and said we would make it. We ran to clear customs and they gave us an escort which was great. It was quite funny to see all the stares that we got. We arrived at the hotel around 11pm, but the cab driver dropped us off at the wrong section of the hotel, so the poor bellhops had to push all our luggage 3 blocks to the right wing of the hotel. We didn't have any problems sleeping and we were all up before 6 waiting for breakfast. The buffet was great and the boys were trying all kinds of funky foods. If someone doesn't get sick on this trip it will be amazing!!! It was wonderful getting up so early. We were at breakfast at 7am,then went shopping,then to the 11am church service. It is always so wonderful to worship here in China. A man gave his testimony which was truly amazing. After church the boys had a huge crowd of Chinese girls gather around them and they posed for a 20 or 30 minute photo shoot. It was really funny to watch and I should have video taped it. Then we are pretty lame, we haven't even been here a full day and we were already at Lucy's(the only American restaurant here) for lunch. We then took 2 cabs to Carrefour to shop. We had to get the boys some blankets to use. They are sleeping on the floor. We got a bunch of coloring books, crayons and movies to take to the orphanage. We walked through the jade market and everyone was staring at us and coming up to the boys and Grace. We have been telling Grace when people come up to her to say, Ne Hao, but everytime she tells us I am only going to say HI and then looks at them and says hi. We were all back at the hotel and Hadyn and Eamon were both crashed out by 8pm and Grace didn't even wake up when we gave her a tub tonight. We will all sleep well.

Tomorrow at 2:30 we meet Hope. We are all so excited and are praying for Hope. She will have to come 5 hours to get here from the orphanage tomorrow. I could write a book about all that I am feeling right now, but it's 11pm here and I am going to try to sleep. We will post tomorrow night. Thankyou so much for all your prayers.


The McQuade Family said...

Thanks for the update! We have been checking the blog twice a day.
It's hard to believe you all are in China. We can't wait to see Hope.

The McQuade Family,
Unkie, Aunt Margaret, Ryan, Megan, Nanny and Poppy

the Five Far From Home said...

Hey, Jenn, I hope you get to write that book someday! I'd read it!