Saturday, November 15, 2008

Botanical Gardens - 13 Nov

We loaded up in the bus with the rest of our group and headed off to the Botanical Gardens in Gunagzhou. They have really spent a lot of time making the area beautiful and have some fairly mature trees - some have been brought in from all over the world (Australia included). After the tour, we went to the Buddhist temple where some of the families got their children blessed by a monk. Mike offered to bless them as a PCA elder, but no one took him up on it.
On the other hand, we saw a young, Chinese man walking down the street this morning with a shirt on that said, "Jesus died for you." While the people at the temple were kneeling down in front of their idols and offering incense, fruit and even soda to them, we find that most people in China seem to have no religion.
Hope is doing great and is starting to warm up to Mike. Today was the first day he could hold her without screams. She is happy and is crawling some. She isn't able to totally sit up by herself yet, but it's amazing how much stronger she has gotten in just a few days. She still isn't interested in food. She did gnaw on a hard, thin breadstick at dinner the other night,but wants nothing to do with a spoon going in her mouth. Grace put everything in her mouth including dirt, marbles, money. It always amazes me how unique and different God has made each child. As I look at all the babies here and the families they are in and think God knew all of this before the begining of time. It is truly amazing!!!!
Grace's new friend, Emma

Beautiful spot where we spilled our Starbuck's coffees in the botanical garden and got quite a few stares from the locals.


New family photo

The kids had a great time playing on the rocks

The boys learned this "peace" sign in China

Photo spot at the Botanical Gardens

1800 year old Buddhist Temple

1800 year old Buddhist monk

We just ate what?


the Five Far From Home said...

I LOVE the new family photo, and that your girls match in every photo. I hope you didn't get too close to that 1800 year old monk, that must be some SICKED bad breath!
take care guys and thanks for all the updates!

Aus said...

Love the pictures - and you really don't know what it was you just ate!

And great to see that shirt - only in the last few years has any Christian belief been tolerated in China - we started our journey for our first adoption (ended up in Korea) after hearing a Catholic Priest speak after escaping from Chinese authorities who were searching for him for practicing his Faith with the people....and that was in 2001!!

That was a day brightener!

aus and family

Bekah said...

Haha! The 1800 year old monk line was great. :) Also the one about Mike blessing the children as a PCA elder was hilarious, as well.
It's great news that Hope is getting more comfortable and is already growing stronger. Yay!!

Sarah said...

What did you eat that they all gave you that face for in the last picture? China looks awesome. Hope and Grace look SO stinkin' cute together. ~Sarah

Mirophia said...

beautiful Pics! I'm new-My Writing Realm