Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Our paperwork is done and Hope is officially ours!!!! Hope is doing great, but she is afraid of Daddy. We can all hold her and then when Mike goes to pick her up she looks at him and starts screaming. This started yesterday morning when she woke up. She says 'MaMa' and 'DaDa,' but I don't think she has made the connection yet. She also makes these low, growling noises which are so funny. We have been doing a lot of paperwork and shopping the past 2 days. We are staying on Shamian Island which was occupied by the British until the 1940's so all the architecture is neo-classical; you don't really feel like you are in China. Then you walk over the bridge and everything changes. We walked all around yesterday where they were selling all kinds of strange things. I bought some different types of dried flowers they said were for making hot tea, but we haven't tried any yet. We went out for Chinese food last night where locals eat here on the island. It is really great food and we are thankful no one has gotten sick yet. We brought Hope back to the room and she screamed - like each time we give her a tubby. I think she is only used to getting sponge baths. When we put her in the crib for bed she had a big smile on her face, and then started to do all kinds of tricks. I think she thought "Oh, I'm home!" She can scoot all around this crib. It was great to watch but also sad because I'm sure this is where she spent most of her time. She has many scars on her head from the boards rubbing. She has one huge boil on the left side of her head, but it looks like it's healing now. Today we are headed to the botanical gardens and tomorrow we will drive three hours to visit Sophie.

It's Official, Hope is Ours

Hadyn and Eamon playing cards while we did paperwork

This is what happens to the boys when we are out in public

We walked over the bridge from our hotel and they were selling tiger paws, rhino tusks and all kinds of animal horns

Tiger paw

These spices are used as medicine

I think this monkey took the medicine

Dried snakes

Eamon found some Lizard Pops

Rylan and Hope

Hope loves to be held

Tired Girl

Grace having corn at breakfast

Curran with Miss Hope

Happy Baby

Hadyn having a milk shake


Hope having her milk shake

Grace and Mommy

Curran's new friend Emma

Daddy and Hope

Grace loves her new umbrella

Hopie loving her jungle gym

Time for bed


The McQuade Family said...

Congratulations! We love all the pictures....especially the one titled "time for bed". Hope is adorable. Looks like you all are having a great time. What an experience for the whole family. I wonder when Kirklands will start selling dried monkies as home decor? I think we all need one of them (ha-ha). Looking forward to the next post.

Margaret & Family

The Montieth Family said...

Dear Jen and Family-

Hope is beautiful! She has the cutest chubby cheeks and a huge grin. The bow in her hair is great. :)

I'm sorry to hear that she has scars and boils from laying in her crib, poor thing. I know that breaks your hearts. She sure does look healthy though!!

My daughter Emma was the same way when were were in China, she LOVED her crib! It was the only time that we ever saw her smile during our 11 days in Guangzhou. It's tough to know that they spent all (or most) of their time in a the crib...ugh.

I am choked up that Sophie's name was mentioned in your entry. Wow. It means SO MUCH to us that you are going to check in on her... to tell you "Thank You" does not seem like enough...yet, I don't know what else to say. Between your visit AND Terry's visit in September and the b-day cake that I just ordered for her birthday on 11/19...the Ayi's are going to wonder if Sophie is going to live with a celebrity or something!! Hee
-Hee. :)

Megan and Family
LID for Famous Sophie: 10/15/08!

The Montieth Family said...

My personal email address is: babers1974@yahoo.com, just in case you get to snap a picture of Sophie or get any tid bits about her! ;) I'd love to know if she has any language yet and if she seems alert. *If* you are not able to see her or ask any questions-NO PROBLEM, I understand. :) After all, you are going for Grace!! Thank you again. -Megan

Cindy said...

OMGosh! We know Emma's family! So funny to see them on your blog.
Hope is adorable and I love the matching tops. It's so amazing to see her with her BIG family.
Love you guys!

the Five Far From Home said...

It is so great looking through all these pictures. She is so precious, and Gracie is just as beautiful as ever. We will be praying for you as you journey to visit Sophie, we know that will be heart wrenching. Thanks for keeping us updated! China looks to be right up your boys alley... who needs sticks when there's dead monkeys, dried snakes and lizard pops?? We love you!
- Krissie for all the Murphys.

Pam Krosley said...

Isn't that a great feeling when she' finally yours officially? Congratulations! BTW, Andrew had a huge boil on his head and although the WS doc didn't do much else right, she did rub a solution on his head a couple times a day that dried up the boil and left no scaring. If you haven't been to the WS clinic, have fun - it's like going back in time ; )

Aus said...

Congratulations and welcome to your newest family member!

Baba to Baba for a moment - Hang tough there Dad! We had the 'daughters didn't like the Dad' issue with both of our Inter. Adoptions. Things that helped for us - everytime you go eat (breakfast buffet for example), Mom sits with her while YOU go and get the food for Mom and her. Mom rocks her, you bring the bottle and a drink for Mom (even if Mom doesn't want one). She'll pick up pretty quickly that you are 'safe and providing for all of them'.

Remember - pretty much everyone that has 'hurt' her (read doctor's, government officals etc), were men. As her experience grows so will the trust - and the rest will fall in place! If you'd like more ideas e-mail aussie@fuse.net .

Thanks for sharing your lives with us - and you guys just look soooo great together!

aus and family

the Wolfs said...

Praise be to God for His unfathomable ways (Rom.11:33)!! We rejoice with you and pray for your safe return. Will you be coming thru DFW?? Love to all eight :)
Richard, Landi and