Monday, November 10, 2008


We were all up at 5 am just waiting for breakfast and all getting really excited that this day is finally here. We met in the hotel lobby with four other couples from our agency and then we got on the bus that took us to the building where 50 other families were also waiting to get their children. It is so amazing to watch all these babies join with their new families. Lots of the children were older and it was great to watch the expression on their faces as they met their Mommies and Daddies for the first time. Then it was our turn. The boys had already spotted her on the floor in the other room and we were anxiously waiting for them to bring Hope out. They called us and she came to us without a cry. We tried to ask the orphanage director as many questions as we could in the busy room with alot of screaming babies. She said Hope was one of the happiest babies and she seems pretty calm so far. She is quite a chunker and the 12 months clothes we brought just fit. We got back to the hotel and we all played with her. Eamon got the first real smile and laugh by playing peek a boo with her. She just laughed and laughed. We then went out to the play ground and out for thai food. Hope has no idea about eating solid food. I showed her a cheerio and put it on her tray and she wasn't interested. She also wanted nothing to do with the bottle after several attempts we came back to the hotel and loaded the bottle up with formula and rice cereal until it was thick and tried a new nipple and she loved it. She is so beautiful and we are so blessed by God's grace for another child in the covenant.

Rylan up at 5am working on school

Curran and Hadyn camping out and about to wake up

Eamon and Grace watching a movie. They both woke up at 5am

We were all so hungry by the time the breakfast buffet opened at 7am

Meeting Hope

Great JOY!!!!

Hadyn with Hope

This means Hadyn really loves Hope

Grace giving Hope some love

The Orphanage directors from Yangx(Hope's orphanage)

Waiting to get on the bus to go back to the hotel

Everyone wanted to show Hope all the toys at once

Sweet Baby

I can finally squeeze those cute cheeks

Our group getting on the bus with their new babies


Donna said...

Oh, she is SO BEAUTIFUL!! I can't tell you how happy we are for you! Looks like she'll fit right in at Providence, sucking on those middle fingers like so many of the other little ones! :-) Can't wait to meet her and see you all back here!

Cindy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! She is so beautiful! I LOVE those cheeks! How wonderful to hear that she's the happiest baby. That should come in handy being the youngest of six:). I'm so happy for you guys.

the Five Far From Home said...

awesome. just AWESOME. How wonderful to have the other 5 there with you for this day. It looks amazing!

Sandy said...

We're so happy to know that Hopie is finally in your arms. Know that we're praying for her during this transition. (My how Grace has grown--such long legs!). Love you guys.

The Montieth Family said...

Hope is beautiful and your entire family appears to be glowing. Warmest congratulations!:) We will pray that the next few days continue to be a smooth transition for all of your family members-especially Hope!!

Megan Montieth and Family
Waiting for OUR Yangxi Girl!:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Hope is so beautiful and so chubby! What a blessing! We are praying for you. Tell Rylan and Curran that Rob and Lauren are a bit jealous, even if they are sleeping on the floor. Kiss her for me!

Pam Krosley