Thursday, November 20, 2008

Last Days In Guangzhou

We have spent the last few days in Guangzhou walking around the island talking with the locals and finishing up our shopping. We had our swearing in cerimony at the U.S. consulate yesterday afternoon with 53 other families all waiting to get our new babies their visas, so we can all travel home. When Hope touches U.S. soil she will be an American citizen. We leave for the U.S. in a few hours and we have enjoyed our time in China, but after 2 weeks in the same hotel room and living out of suitcases we are anxious to get home and be on a normal routine. It is sad to leave as we know this is where life began for our daughters and you feel a connection to this country and the culture and people.

There are lots of couples taking their wedding pictures here on the island because it is so beautiful. They rent the wedding dresses twice, once for the wedding day and once for the pictures.

People in China hanging out at the park playing cards


Grace was a big help at lunch

Grace thought this was great fun

We pushed Mr Bean around in the stroller with the girls and all the Chinese people like him and know the show. Several people wanted to buy him from us, but the boys wouldn't bargin.

Hope is a happy baby and seems to just go with the flow. We are praying she will enjoy the long flight home and do some sleeping.

Hadyn enjoying some ribs at Lucy's
Curran hanging out at Lucy's

Eamon was playing hacky sack in the park and this man came up and played with him for a long time. The people here have been great with the boys and everyone loves to go up to Eamon's hair and touch it.


Aus said...

So right now you should be in the air about half way home - Thanks so much for sharing your time in China - and your family - with us! We too loved the people in China and will someday return to the land of our daughter (and there will be a side trip to Korea to cover that 'homeland' too)!

Let me be among the first to welcome you home - and just mention that now the adventure really begins!

Great joy - hugs

aus and family

Pam Krosley said...


If it's possible can you post your arrival time. We would love to see if we are available to come welcome Hopie to her new home.

pkkrosley@yahoo.com (if you aren't comfortable posting the details)

The Montieth Family said...

Have a SAFE trip home-all 7 of you!!! :)

Elsie was our guide with CHI in 2006, I see that she still wears a scarf! :) That is so cool that you got to see her again, maybe we will too? :)

Can't wait to see a follow up "at home" post. :)

Megan and Family
Waiting for Sophie in YangXi