Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Pictures

Trying to get Hope to eat something

The boys met a friend at the park

Rylan had a great conversation with this guy

Mommy and Hope at the park

Hope is starting to notice everything Grace does

I'm sure Hope is overwhelmed with all she has seen today

Going for a ride in the stroller

First smile
Hope getting lots of attention

Eamon loving Hope

Grace has really been sweet with Hope today

This picture was right when we got back to the hotel, she fell asleep on the bus

She is really a chunker

Daddy and Hope

Hope asleep on the bus

All 0f us. We are so blessed


Daughter of Eve said...

Look, it's the beautiful McQuade family!

That's great!

Mustard Seeds said...

Just speechless. We're so happy for you!

nancy said...

Joy and Love abound!! Her smile was worth the journey, ney? Thankful for you all!

Amy said...

Congratulations!! She is just beautiful! I'm so glad she is transitioning so easy. You have been through so much with this adoption and I'm so happy that you have your daughter!!

the Five Far From Home said...

She looks like she belonged right there, always. I love the matching outfits Jenn, and the hair pretties that match too. Gracie looks beside herself with joy! Oh, and Hope really seems to have grown into that head of hers (tee-hee) We love you all and are so overjoyed for you!

my3 kids said...

Very happy for you and Hope is beautiful and looks very healthy. She's so cute...Congratulations!

Sarah said...

I would like a picture of the second thumb. Which hand is it on?

Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

The matching outfits are PERFECT--very McQuade.

Aus said...

Guys - as I look back over your pictures - see so much that is familiar, have so many memories refreshed....then I see the picture of Baba holding and looking down on his sleeping Meimei - and I wonder who's expression is more profound. Baba - I know just how you feel!

Great joy - and Blessings on you all!

aus and family

Dawn said...

Congratulations! Hope is beautiful! She looks like a perfect fit to your family.

Many Sparkling Gems said...

Congratulations! She is precious! How adorable her brothers and sisters are with her.
How fun it must be to all be there together! I am thrilled for your family - your smiles capture it all.

Love, Ashley Perkins

Bekah said...

Indeed, you are so blessed! It is so good to finally see Hope with her family. Her smile is so pretty! :)

jaywalker said...

thanks, jenn, for making me cry this morning! :) I am so happy for you and looking forward to our own adoption. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. - jessica

Chris said...

Wow Hope if beautiful!! Can't wait to meet her. Hope you all have a safe trip back home.

Chris said...

Uhhh...I mean Hope IS beautiful!! ;-)