Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Church and Starbucks Nov 16

We went to church this morning and there were so many people worshipping, that they had to put chairs outside. There are a lot of young people at this church service, mostly people in their 20's. We got to speak with a lot of them afterwards and it is great to fellowship with all the Christians here in China. We then went with our group to the electronics market and toy market. The boys bought lots of movies and Curran and Hadyn each bought a Mr. Bean doll at the toy market. They even had a huge Christmas market and were playing Christmas music. We have gotten to see much more of Guangzhou this trip and really have been busy.

Church in Guangzhou

We kind of stand out

It was great to see so many Chinese people worshipping
The service is in English and Chinese

Hopie loves going to church


This feels like home

Hadyn is going to be up all night


the Five Far From Home said...

a sanppy cappy in China, now that's what i am talking about. I am so glad you are getting to tour around so much. What a fun expirience with your whole family, and getting to worship with all of them in CHINA! How GREAT!

Aus said...

I know that church - had real similar experiences there! Kind of hard to believe that as little as 10 years ago in 'main stream China' that service would have to have been undergound! Great to see the Lord work everywhere!

hugs -

aus and family

The Sterners said...

I find it interesting that the young people in China are running to church while the young adults here are running from it.

We look at your blog everyday. Thank you for letting us in on your ride! Cole loves to sit with Nora and show her his friends that he misses.