Monday, November 17, 2008

The Red Couch Picture and Medical Exam

We had the famous Red Couch picture at the White Swan Hotel today. It is always fun to get all the babies together and attempt to get a picture with the least amount of screaming possible. Hope is pretty mellow, unless you try to get her to crawl, give her food on a spoon or any Chinese person comes too close to her - then she lets out shrilling screams until we pick her up. We have met some great families here and it is always great going as a group to things. We all had our medical exams for all of our babies and it was a zoo. Lots of babies screaming and long lines of parents in a hot sweaty room trying to get in the next line and get out as quickly as possible. Hope survived the torture and is one chubby, healthy baby. She is really beginning to warm up to Mike now and lets him carry her around, but our guide Bob just looks at Hope and she starts screaming. Grace has been doing really well with having to share the attention and it has been wonderful having the boys here to play with both Hope and Grace.

Hope loves being outside and riding in the stroller

No one is looking at the camera

Trying to get the red couch picture it took lots of attempts

Everybody smile

Hopie on the red couch

Our Group Picture From Heritage Adoption Agency

The boys being asked to be in another picture

Gracie by the pool

Time for Hope's medical exam

Hope is healthy and she gave the Doctors lots of screaming


Aus said...

I dunno - I think the red couch pics are SUPER!! We too have the 'group picture' at the same garden at the Victory.

You guys are headed into the home stretch - but it's really great to see ya'll together - I really love that stroller picture too!

aus and family

the Five Far From Home said...

those sisters look like they are 2 happy girls. We're so glad that everything is going so well, we sure wish we could come over and meet Hope when you get home!!Have Gracie tell her all about us, and my famous bubble blowing talent!

The Montieth Family said...

I love Hope and Grace's matching dresses! SO CUTE!! Grace sure does look like a healthy little girl! :)

The Montieths
Waiting for Sophie-LID 10/08