Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Safari Park Trip

We decided to go to the Safari Park when we were originally planning the trip with Heritage. It was the best "attraction" thus far. We boarded a train just inside the gate and rode through the entire park where the free-roaming animals were. Up close and personal is how they keep them here. The only things behind a fence were the tigers and bears. We actually saw wildebeest with no lion chasing them - I thought they always came with a lion close behind...maybe that's just on TV.

Hope is really starting to mesh in with the rest of us - Jenn has always been her favorite, but she is really laughing a lot with the rest of us and does these really cheesy - cheeky - teethy smiles every now and then. She is very calm, but we'll get her out of that soon enough. She lets me do just about everything with her without fussing - I do all the bathtimes with her and she actually kicks her feet the entire time. Rylan spends a lot of time carrying her around while we talk to people at the breakfast buffet - she is quite used to him as well.

Hope ate 2 or 3 chewable things at breakfast, but wasn't impressed with the effort it took. We'll have to try feeding her real food when she is a little more hungry.

Just got off the phone with the airlines and it looks like there will be seats for us to get home on Friday!!! Hurray - pray that we make the flight (7 open seats on the same airplane)!!! Yet another blessing.

Oh yeah, Grace swallowed a penny on Saturday that we've been praying about as well. We can stop praying for that and start thanking God for his goodness in all things. We certainly weren't looking forward to going to a Chinese doctor to find out where the missing penny was. Maybe this Chinese paper money isn't such a bad idea after all.

All Aboard.......
On a hiatus from Iraq..........

Lots of Giraffes

Our cute little monkey!
Hadyn, Keep your hand flat and open.
Two cuties

Hadyn said, "Dad, if you let them chew on your fingers it doesn't even...

About 35 buses of school kids pulled in just after we got there - every one of them said hello to the boys and smiled.

These guys weren't as happy to see us.

Rylan won the stare down - I backed away from the fence.

Graciecakes and Hopie almost slept through the rides

First merry-go-round while they played Christmas music!

Two more cuties

Hey Mom, there's Dad again.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Get em boys!

Pigeon and Spring Rolls - no I'm not kidding. See if you can find the head --- we did.

Say cheese - Gracie loves her toy camera we found on the bus
Calm down, it was empty. The waitress said the drinking age is "probably 18 or 20 or something like that."

We saw Elsie getting off a bus on the street as we were walking home. She was our guide when we traveled for Grace. Great to see her again.


Pam Krosley said...

If you see Elsie again tell her that Xiao Bao's parents say hi. We were in her first solo group (Nov. '04) and she was so sweet and worried about Andrew! We had some good conversations with her. So glad that Hope is warming up to the whole family. You will be home and all will be old hat in no time! Praying for a smooth journey home!
Pam Krosley

Cindy said...

Looks like you had a very full and fun-filled day! You got to see Elsie? Small world huh! I saw that Liesl (there in Guangzhou with her new Kunming girl, Cali) has Elsie for her coordinator. Did you run into Liesl, too?

Aus said...

Well that looks like it was a grand day! Pigeon rolls - we missed those while we were there, don't think I mind tho!

Oh - and the penny - not to worry, I was a 'money eater' as a kid too, copper won't hurt you, and .... this too shall pass!

Have a great trip home -

aus and family

nancy said...

Gracie is becoming a real"investment"!! She is a beauty and you can be sure her little sister will be just as adorable!! Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories in the making. Nancy F.