Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gracie learns new words!!

Gracie is always happy and she likes to tell you what she thinks. Today I came down to fix breakfast and Hadyn and Eamon were doing their reading. Grace got her phone and started pushing the numbers and repeating what it said. I can hear her and the phone one,one two,two she says all the numbers in order until she gets to nine then I hear her pushing it over and over again and instead of her saying nine she is saying mine,mine,mine. This is very funny and pretty accurate. Gracie has also discovered the word "no" and she knows if she says it we will all stop and look at her and someone will tell her to please say no thankyou or please don't. She has all 4 brothers and mommy correcting her. (poor thing)
She has also started saying another lovely phrase "go away" If she is playing and she doesn't want you to play with her she will look at you sweetly and say go away. She isn't mad when she says this and is amazed that these words provoke such a reaction from us. We tell her this is not a nice thing to say and she must be kind with her words. We have also told her she will be disciplined if she says this. That night when we went up to put her to bed after rocking, cuddling, reading books, singing ,prayers and everything else that goes on at bedtime, we say goodnight. She usually goes right to sleep. We are downstairs and can hear her talking. We both go up stairs quietly and stand in the hall to listen. She is saying go away, go away, go away in different voices with funny reflections. We crack up! We hope she is just getting it all out before tomorrow. She is really an easy child and does try to please us. When she does something she knows is wrong she will tell us I'm sorry and it is sooo sweet. She also tells us I love you so much, always !! This age is so great and we are enjoying all the fun new vocabulary words Gracie is learning both the good and the not so good.

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