Sunday, March 16, 2008

Polish Pottery

A bunch of great ladies from church planned a fabulous trip to Poland to shop. I so wanted to go, but I still haven't left Gracie for longer than a date night. This was a long 2 days of being away and we have done a ton of attachment work to get to where we are now. I sadly decided I should stay home and was sad to miss out on all the great fellowship. I gave Mrs.M 80 Euro to get me a big soup crock and what ever else she saw. She came over Sunday night with a huge box full of Polish pottery. Yeah!!!! I am so excited at all the stuff she was able to get. She picked out the cutest tea sets for Gracie and Sophie. Grace couldn't wait to have tea with daddy. When I tucked Grace into bed that night she said Mrs M tea set, so I know she really likes it.


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