Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Most mornings our schedule is the same, everyone is up around 7am and cheerfully comes down stairs after chores for breakfast. Well we aren't all always cheery, but we do get up. The boys eat and I teach Bible then the boys start math and reading. Grace goes from puzzles to books to coloring then she usually spends time with her glue stick and glues different size sequins on paper and uses stickers. She has gone through some stickers!!! Then she likes to paint and I try to convince her that we could do something else,but today I was feeling extra crazy, so I let her paint. I have to stand there the entire time or she may paint the entire kitchen. I remember our two oldest boys when we lived in Arizona. It was hot and they wanted to paint, so I sent them outside and they stripped down to their underware and painted each other.They were having a great time, but then that got old, so they decided it would be more fun to paint the house and they did, until I came out and stopped all the fun. I know that Grace is probably standing there with her paintbrush looking around at all the things that would be fun to paint, so I always stay close when she paints. She had a super time mixing all the colors and we have a big string around her room so we can hang up all of her masterpieces. She has done more artwork than all the boys combined at this age, I think this is a girl thing.

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