Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our last piece of paper work is finished!!!

I know the picture looks blurry, but that was the state we were in at 2am. Whooooo!!! We just finished our last document for our dossier to China. Our homestudy is completed and on it's way to get authenticated. Last time we did this process it took over 9 months. This time it will be 6 weeks start to finish. We pray there are no glitches at the end. We spent a lot of late nights up drinking cappachinos to stay awake and finish the paperchase. We are so anxious to travel and bring our daughter home. We are all going this time so the trip will sure be different than the last. Since Sophie is from Guangdong we will stay in the same place for the entire 2 weeks. The boys are so excited to be traveling with us and Gracie just keeps repeating Sopie China, Sopie China. I don't think she has any idea what is about to happen. She really thinks having a sister is a great idea, but when we get to China and start holding and loving Sophie she may change her mind.

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