Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Sign of the Covenant

Having spent my entire Christian life in credo-baptist churches, I never had an understanding of the covenant - who is "in" the covenant, how you get "into" it, what it brings with it and what the responsibilities are of those God has made covenant with. I understand the sign of the covenant to be baptism and as such have applied that sign and seal to our children - this day we celebrated Grace's receiving of the same. Will this baptism alone save her - no; is it a means of effectual grace to be applied to the elect - yes. God added to our number and we obediently responded in faith by promising publicly in the sacrament of baptism to pray with and for her and to raise Grace in a home that provides Christian nurture.
Does Grace believe that a table is really a table? Yes. Why? Because I told her. In the same way, she can know that Christ died on the cross for her sins at a very early age. While faith remains a supernatural gift, God can use Christian parents as human agents to frequently communicate this gift as they fulfil their covenant obligations. I expect that Grace's understanding of her savior will continue to develop, mature and be personally embraced as she grows in stature (and wisdom)!
Praise be to God.

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