Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bike riding

Grace went on her first bike ride with our family. She thought it was great fun just putting on the helmet. We ride a lot in the summers to the Bike Inn an outdoor restaurant that is right on the bike path. They have some farm animals and a sled that takes you down a hill on rollers. We usually go at nights for ice cream and sometimes there are a bunch of kids for our boys to play soccer with. The summers are so great here and we are really enjoying the warm weather. Grace loves being outside and one of her favorite things to do is jump on the trampoline. She actually doesn't jump just runs and falls down,but to her it is great fun. I am sitting outside typing right now and Grace is joyfully singing as she pushes her stroller around the yard. The stroller is definitely her favorite toy. I can't get her to put her baby dolls in it yet, but she manages to put just about everything else in her stroller.
Grace did better with greeting everyone at church this week and I think she wasn't as overwhelmed by all the people. She sat in her stroller at church again and did great and fell asleep about halfway through the service. She is slowly letting us hold her more and loves to point at everything for a full explanation of what it is. It will be such a joyful day when she is truly able to freely give us love. We continue to pray for Gods guidance and wisdom in training our children we know we are so inadequate for this task, but God's great mercy and grace continue to amaze us.


Daughter of Eve said...

What does Grace think of Dixie and Scooter? When's the next litter due to arrive?
How is she doing with crawling up the stairs?

Brandie said...

Well said.