Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Jersey

We had a great time visiting everyone in New Jersey. We took Grace to the zoo; she loved the stroller ride, but wasn't that interested in the animals. She really enjoys following her brothers around and she is really trying to talk. She says about 10 English words now. Grace is beginning to realize if you eat enough finger foods it fills you up. Her favorite food right now is french fries, but we try not to give her too many. She also eats egg yolks,bacon and of course rice. She still is happy to eat baby food because she can eat it quickly and it fills her up. She is totally attached to her bottle and gets very excited when she sees me making it. It is the only time she really likes me to hold her so I am glad we have that time together.
Grace is happy to play and entertain herself all day so we have really been trying to engage her in play which she loves. She likes to get on the boys scooter and have them push her on it up and down the sidewalk. We went to visit my sister and the boys took the canoe out on the lake while I pushed Grace on the swings. She was afraid to look up in the beginning but then really enjoyed it. She has a great time playing with her brothers and cousins. We look forward to moving back to the States so we can come and visit more often.

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