Saturday, December 01, 2007

Gracie turns "2"

We all had such a great time celebrating Grace's 2nd birthday. I cant believe how much she has grown and changed since she has been our daughter. What a huge blessing she is to all of us. It blows me away to think that before the beginning of time God had this special little girl from across the world chosen for us. She is full of joy. Some of her favorite things to do at 2 are put on everyones shoes including her pink high heels with the pink butterflies on them. She likes to dance around on the tile with these and make lots of loud noises. She loves to be chased by her brothers and tickled and would also love to tell them what to do if I would let her. She loves books her favorites are Big Red Barn,A Fish Out Of Water and Go Dog Go. She also loves Dora DVDs and asks to watch one everyday. She doesn't need help knowing where to find them and opening up the case and asking each brother if she can watch one until she finds somebody who will say yes. She loves to sing hymns and knows quite a few now. I'm amazed how she can memorize all the words, she also likes the Jamie Soles songs. She still loves to eat raw veggies but also loves burgers and pizza. Mike and I take her on a pizza date every Thursday night.

She has gone from not wanting us to hold her and give her love to giving us all hugs and kisses and telling me "Mommy I love you so much" several times a day and she runs out to meet Mike as he comes home from work. All the bonding work has made us all closer to her. We are so grateful for the opportunity God has given us to raise and love His precious children.

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