Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

We all had such a wonderful Christmas. I am so amazed as we look back over the year at all God has blessed us with. Grace was still in China at this time last year and we all spent Christmas without her here. I remember looking at her picture and wondering how she spent the day. Was she with other people who even celebrated our Saviors birth. Now she is here and even though she doesn't quite understand what this holiday is about yet, she knows it is about Jesus. When Hadyn was her age he woke up Christmas morning and asked when we were going to the airport. The airport?? Why would we be going to the airport. Hadyn said, "to pick up Jesus, so he can open his presents and have cake." We all laughed really hard and he still had this confused look on his face. The boys are getting older, so they didn't get up as early this year,but were still really excited to come down and open gifts. Before Christmas Rylan kept ordering gifts for Curran and couldn't stop, then he couldn't wait, so he gave him a few of the gifts early. I told him this was against tradition, but he didn't care!! They really enjoyed buying gifts for each other.
We had the B's here for dinner and played with all the new toys.

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