Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Leaving from Germany to the States March 20th

We have finally arrived in the US after a loooong day of traveling. The flight from Frankfurt took off almost 2 hours late and as we landed in Cincinnati I knew we had to hurry to catch our next flight to Philadelphia. What I didn't know is the time they announced on the plane was an hour off. I think they had forgotten about daylight savings. We had 40 minutes to go through customs back through security and make our connection which we hadn't figured out yet. We came through security I checked the monitor and it said closed. "Closed" what does that mean? The kind women from Delta said that means your plane has left without you. I ran up the stairs with 4 boys running behind carrying very heavy book bags and violins. The agent at the counter called on the phone yelled a little and told them to hold the plane so we went running to a shuttle that took us across the runway, then we ran to find our gate where another agent stood yelling out our names she directed us down a long hall and out onto the runway. The plane was a small puddle jumper and as we boarded no one looked happy. We quickly scurried down the aisle and I told the boys to find an empty seat and just sit down. Then the pilot announced who we were and now they were going to wait for our luggage. One man threw his newspaper in the air in disgust. Glad the flight was just an hour!!! We arrived in Philadelphia and as we waited and waited for our luggage it became obvious that it had been left in Cincinnati. My parents were there to pick us up and then a 2 hour drive to the shore. One quick stop for toothbrushes and after being up over 24 hours we were ready for bed, even if we all had to sleep in our clothes.

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