Saturday, July 12, 2008

On The Road

When we're on the road one of the places we always have to stop and eat is Cracker Barrel. The boys always get breakfast.We left N.J. and are heading to St Louis to look for a house and pick up the (sanctification station) camper. Every sin you have will be revealed within the first few days of living in this thing with 4 boys and a 2 year old, I'm just praising God we don't have the pets. We left them in Germany and will have them shipped within the next month. We are praying to find a house in the next week and then pull the camper to Dallas for 6 weeks while Mike has training. It is going to be a crazy summer,but I am so thankful we can all be together.

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the Five Far From Home said...

Jenn, your blog needs dates on all the posts so we can follow a time line on all these trips... there are no dates on any of your posts!! it makes it very confusing!!