Thursday, June 19, 2008


This is the trip we all look forward to every year. Our church has a family retreat in Switzerland. We all load up our vans with all kinds of American junk food and head for the Alps. It is always such a great time of fellowship and teaching. The kiddos have fun just hanging out all week and there are all kinds of activities planned, hiking,biking,swimming,para gliding and shopping at the broken stubbas(thrift shops) The ladies got some great deals on our shopping day!!! We went down early again this year with the two M and B families and we just hung out the first few days. It was so great not having to cook, as all the meals were provided. Mike did have a great find fresh raw milk!! It was in a little village at the botom of the mountain and the farmer had it set up vending machine style. You put your money in and set your bottle under the machine and out comes fresh milk and it was the best milk we have ever tasted. I'm sure the farmer was wondering who was drinking all the milk because we went through lots and lots of milk while we were there. We would take turns making milk runs down the mountain. The view from the bible school looks out over a crystal blue lake and is at the top of the mountain. It is incredable. Switzerland is the most beautiful place we have ever been. This is our third year on the retreat and we have so many fantastic memories. It was sad to think we will be leaving this great church and all the people we love in a few short weeks. Knox Chamblin came and taught from Jackson Reformed Theological Seminary and had so much wisdom to share. His wife taught the ladies at two night sessions and she gave us all a grater passion to serve God and others. We always come away feeling refreshed and always wanting to stay longer.

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