Sunday, May 04, 2008


Ken just sent us new pictures of Sophie. She is back at the orphanage and her lip surgery went great. I can't believe how wonderful her lip looks and only one week after surgery. I love this picture of her looking at Ken. They are finishing up the news special on Hearts and Hands International and we can't wait to see what else they filmed. It is so wonderful to be able to have these pictures and see Sophie being loved. I want to get on a plane and bring her home now,but having these updates helps make the wait a little easier.
I think Sophie may be a thumb sucker like her big sister.
Ken holding Sophie. We hope we get a chance to meet him. It has been such a blessing to have Ken contact us with all the updates and pictures.

Mrs Feng the orphanage director said the surgery went perfectly and Sophie was a real trooper. In a few months we will be hugging and kissing that sweet face!!!!


Cindy said...

Mike and Jen,
Amazing that you're given all these great photos and video! Remember how we yearned for even the slightest update of Grace and Mei Lin? She's adorable and I know you're beyond anxious to bring her home.

michelle said...

Congratulations! I came across your blog. We are also in the process of adopting our daughter from the same orphanage. And our daughter had a cleft lip repaired as well!

Brent and Noele said...

What a sweetie! We're sad we won't be able to meet her. I guess we'll just have to swing through St. Louis sometime!
The Sadlers