Friday, June 01, 2007

A typical day at our house

What does a typical day at our house look like. Well it all depends what day your talking about they are all usually a little diffrent with something unexpected always thrown in. We are up by 8 and sometimes I let Grace sleep in. She has actually slept till after 10am some mornings. Once she is up and dressed her breakfast is prepared either oatmeal or eggs and bacon. Then it's all play till around 1. The boys work on school work and I try to keep Grace out of the shower. She likes to climb in and out or she also like to crawl into the dogs cage and sit in there. When she gets tired of that we usually go out to the sand box or swing which she thinks is great fun. I take a boy or 2 with me and we work on school outside while she plays. I'll be explaining something to the boys and say something like you add it and she chimes in addit!!! Then we just laugh. After lunch and a nap she is ready for more activity. The trampoline is still a hoot for her. She can sit still and we have lots of book reading everyday. Her favorite right now is Goodnight Moon. Today I went out to put something in the trash can by the car port and there is a baby bird just sitting there. We have a nest in the rafter of the car port and the little thing fell out. I know this bird doesn't stand a chance with 2 dogs and a cat living here so I put it in a clear Tupperware storage box as the mother swoops down at me frantically squawking. The nest is way to high to put it back in. I tell Eamon we'll wait till Dad gets home he'll know what to do. When Dad gets home we clear out the car port and drive the van in. The van has never been able to fit under our carport with bikes toys etc. Mike climbs up on the van followed by Eamon and one baby bird. Eamon is now up on Dads shoulders and puts the bird back with the other 2. Wow Dad and Eamon save the day and the mother bird was very thankful. Grace was also very thankful that her playmate Daddy was home. He is the only one who can get her to really laugh out loud when he tickles her. After dinner she takes a bath which she really likes and then book time and a bottle. She has a real love affair going with that bottle, just the name of it gets her all happy. I am so glad she will take the bottle so we can get some real cuddle time in and work on her giving us more eye contact. She is improving more and more each day and is such a joy to us all.


Daughter of Eve said...

Thanks for the update. I love the "up hair do".
Yeah, for the mighty bird rescuers. I'm surprised the mother took her back. Must be Germans birds are more gracioius.
Are you schooling through the summer?

Bekah said...

That sounds like a wonderful day! And there's nothing like a bit of adventure to keep things fun. Sometimes it is unavoidable, so it's good to make the best of it. :)