Sunday, April 01, 2007

Overpacked? I don't think so.....

Our first full day in Kunming brought with it many lessons. Our gracious guide Elsie finally told us that picking through the common bowl of food with your chopsticks is not very polite and pointing with your chopsticks is even worse. We had a good laugh and a great lunch.

Kunming has over 4 million residents, so there is quite a bit going on most of the time. Here are some photos of the people living their lives. This baby was in the checkout line behind us. The banana lady wanted us to take more than a picture. I think it was recess time at the restaurant – it looks like the entire workforce was running laps – maybe someone spilled the soup? The chickens were all lined up for dinner. I don’t think the motorcycle family stopped to smell the roses….

Chrysanthemum tea we had with dinner was very colorful. In fact, our travel guide at the hotel told us that tea was introduced first in Yunnan Province. They do a ton of tea here; tobacco and jade, too.

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Susie Eki said...

Mike and Jenn,

We have been checking your blog for hours to see if you have united with your baby Grace yet. It is getting late here, so we are going to have to give it up until the morning. We will sleep imagining your Gotcha Day, and have sweet, sweet dreams.

Loved the "Over-packed" photo. I thought Norm was going to pass-out!

Love and hugs to you on this very special day. Susie and Norm